Friday, February 8, 2008

It's time for an OIL change!

You know I’ve thought a lot about this. But there comes a time when maybe you think everything is going ok, but you just know inside that things could be a lot better. You stop being content merely with the same old day to day way of doing things and the suggestions you're hearing just don't go far go enough. So when you reach that judgment, you have to make choice: are you gonna do somehing about it and make some real changes to improve things or will you sit back and let the status quo carry on. So it’s been a tough decision and I’m still not exactly sure where it will end up, but I’ve made up my mind and there’s no turning back now. I say “Enough is Enough and It’s Time for a Change”.

So I would like to formally announce (and this may come as a surprise to many)...

I’m changing my colour scheme!

On a more serious note, this colour scheme I have has been criticized horribly now by numerous people, with the latest being a very public admonishment by one of my favourite bloggers Calgary Grit that it “burns his eyes”. Non-partisan blogger James Bow also piled on with a similar comment. Really I should count myself extremely lucky that I won Best New Blog when I was up against this kind of unrelenting criticism by the bigwigs in the blogging industry.

Anyways I thought I had a pretty cool colour scheme at one point in time and I stuck to my principles, but maybe I don’t know best and maybe my readers do!

So you may all now bear witness the first ever “Galloping Around the Golden Horseshoe” official poll! Start voting like crazy.

Now I wish I actually knew something more about computer programming, so I could set up some kind of crazy poll where you could visually test out colour schemes before voting, but this is what you get instead, you'll just vote on a new combination of background colour, main text and link colour. So vote away (you see the poll on the top right of the screen), or if you think this poll really sucks, but you still support me in my cause of changing the colour scheme, feel free to give a more detailed description in the comments. Or you can register your complete displeasure with the look of this blog and vote for me to start from scratch with a whole new template and everything for this blog (though of course that would mean I would still have to make a dictatorial decision as to what that new template would be).

If if turns out not many people actually really care about my colour scheme (which would be quite shcoking), well then democracy will just have to be thwarted and I'll just have to play Stephen Harper for a day and make a firm decision that goes against the wishes of the large majority of Canadians.

I'll leave this poll up for another week, so make your voice heard before it's too late!

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James Bow said...

If you're considering a blog upgrade, to say or .com, and an upgrade to Movable Type, there are good red templates out there to flaunt your Liberal aspirations. Check out for an example. Political Staples at has a blue version of it, and I can be pressed to put more colours into service.

I help design and host weblogs. My rates are fairly reasonable. Check them out at

Shameless plug brought to you by James Bow. :-)

Scott Tribe said...

Oh brother... have you no shame, James? You're acting like a Conservative ;)

I also didn't see anywhere where she was musing about changing from Blogger to another blog program (and if she does, I'll recommend Wordpress, but I'll recommend she use the version of Wordpress that is hosted by a 3rd-party server, not Wordpress's. In that instance, I'm sure I could swallow my disgust at your pandering and recommend your site for a good host, James ;)

I was going to say that if you're going to stick with Blogger as your blog program, instead of a poll with word descriptions of colour choice, could you try to instead post thumbnails of the colour schemes so people could get a better feel?

James Bow said...

Wordpress is a good open source program. I can't help you with it. :-)

Scott Tribe said...

Yea.. but you can still host a Wordpress blog at your site, right?

Heh..we've hijacked the thread a bit.

calgarygrit said...

Democracy! Wohoo!

James Bow said...

Yeah, Wordpress democracy! Woohoo!

Yeah, Wordpress does fit comfortably on your own servers. Some webhosts even offer it pre-installed. No fuss, no muss.

But it is sort of on-topic. Blogger is great at introducing people to blogging, but many leave after a while for greater control over their own templates.

So, how about it?

Scott Tribe said...

Nice to see you're trying to spend her money, James (and on you of course) ;)