Sunday, February 3, 2008

Videos The Liberals Could Take Points From

Hillary Clinton Versus

Barack Obama

Personally, I think the Hillary one (even though it is a bit older) comes off better but both show the poential for a Democratic Party campaign that will blow the Republicans out of the water.

There's something for Liberals to learn from here too. We should definitely be putting out stuff like this that makes clear the case for why we need a change in government so badly in this country.

I hear the Hillary Clinton video was done by someone at Seneca college. If it's at ANY way possible I say the federal Liberals should really try to sign this guy up before someone else does!

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Tania said...

Progress isn't voting for someone because they're female/African-American just to make history. Progress is voting for someone regardless of their race or gender.

The Hillary video turned me off because it played up her gender.

Both videos are good. Obama's was much better.

RuralSandi said...

The Hillary one was done by that Canadian young man and we should be so proud of the talent Canada is producing.

Hillary's is historical fact - Obama's is rock star/pushing influence of the youth - it sickens me.

I don't want rock stars/celebrities trying to influence votes - they aren't smarter than you.

Did you know that men of any race/colour got the vote in the US 50 years prior to women - that women weren't even considered people back then?

Tania said...

The Obama video was done by supporters, without Obama's knowledge. It spread by word of mouth after a segment on ABC Friday.

If you do a search on youtube, you'll find many videos done by people who aren't "smarter than you" too. Does that take away from the message?

And if we're going to spout out rhetoric, Obama is historic fact too. The main problem with the Hillary camp is also something I noticed from the LCC in Dec 07. There was a sense of entitlement around those who represented Ignatieff when talking to delegates. An air of arrogance that hurt Ignatieff himself, sadly.

Obama has substantive policies around many issues. To say he is "rock star/pushing influence of youth" is minimizing the substance of his character.

Yes, African-Americans were given the right to vote in 1870 and women in 1920. HOWEVER, many states, who were responsible for letting people vote, would make it extremely difficult for African-Americans to vote with literacy tests that discouraged it. It wasn't until the Amendment in 1965 that gave the right some teeth.

And you're wrong when you say "men of any race/colour" got the right to vote 50 years prior to women. Native Americans weren't granted the right to vote until 1924 and even then, they received the same roadblocks as African-Americans when voting in their state.

I don't mind debate over issues and candidates. I'm just not a fan of passionate misrepresentations to promote one's own ideology and demonizing someone just to promote your own cause. Attack the content, not the character.