Thursday, November 13, 2008

Breaking: Tories Apparently Want Me to End Up in the Hospital

So I've checked in at the Tory convention, besides not getting a swag/delegate bag (I got a policy book, a media badge and some soft drinks at least), I gotta pay for my internet usage for the weekend! $85!! How's a blogger supposed to blog, the reason I'm knowingly here, without internet access? Am I supposed to use my Blackberry all weekend, end up eventually with carpal tunnel syndrome and then use up govt, tax payers money by having to go to the hospital and get treatment, taking a spot from someone who really needs to be there!? What if a blogger who was accredited didn't even have a blackberry?

I have no qualms with the real media paying for internet. Susan Bonner and the rest of them will be reimbursed for the cost, but this poor student who blogs as a hobby is paying for that usage out of their own pocket? I paid enough to get here, but this was one surprise. I'm not pleased with as I was not informed of this fee prior to coming. $85 for 3 days is steep, even by Rogers standards. Not to mention on the Liberal campaign tour all media got to use internet for free wherever they went, so what gives?

They also seemingly didn't know how many media they were expecting. They're short about 30 chairs and table space for them! And I wasn't given an agenda (had to get one myself off the internet) or any idea of what was going on when or a seat for any proceedings. C'mon Conservatives show some more respect for the blogging community! There's still time to make amends!

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Jim said...

Heh, I bet any Blogging Tories are having a grand time AND getting free internet time, free booze and a backrub.

Nobody likes a partisan spy.

But hey, at least you have your Liberal panties from the leadership race to comfort you.

PGWG said...

Damn, they're treating you like real media and only giving you what the media is getting.

Completely unfair!

Danielle Takacs said...

Jim what a sexist remark. I'm getting free booze too, don't u worry about me. And in case you didn't read me entire post, even Tory friendly ctv has to pay for their net access...but my point is they get reimbursed. Not a single member of the media will have to pay out of pocket for internet like the bloggers will, that's the difference.
And you should also be more careful b/c u should note that so far (for my own many personal reasons) I'm choosing to stay out of being involved the Liberal leadership race

Danielle Takacs said...

PGWG:Um its called good PR? The Libs didn't charge extra for that at their convention or on the campaign trail.

As I said, a reporter isn't paying for the net, their media corporation does

And I haven't been treated like reg media. Unlike them, I didn't pay to be here (I thanked the Tories for their invite), so having to pay for net surprised me. I'm a freaking student, not 6 digit salary Lloyd Robertson!

PGWG said...

If you want to get picky about it, you are are both the reporter, and the media outlet - they are making all media outlets pay. I'm curious, do you know if their Leaders' tour provided free internet (like the Liberals), or if it was fee-for-service there as well?

jaycurrie said...

Never say bloggers are not real media...which sticks you with the $85.00.

Put out a tip jar.

Watch out for the Dawg.

Saskboy said...

Take up a collection as you go around :-) See how generous the Conservatives are.

Danielle Takacs said...

PGWG: I'm not being picky, like i never imagined this little post would get the attn it has. It was a comment about what's going on. And the reality is, while I may be both, media outlet and reporter, I dont get paid for either, unlike "other" reporters and outlets. I do this because I enjoy it. If you think I'm being picky, don't respond back with a "but".

And Jay - you know as well as I do, we bloggers are caught between the middle of paid recognized, regularly employed 'reporters' and those who do it for a hobby. I know that our voices do matter, we convey our message and our party's msg, which does attract welcomed attn from those "regularly employed reporters". My mother taught me that if I invite someone over to my place for dinner, I don't ask them for their share of the cost of dinner upon their welcome.

Jim said...

Lighten up Danielle, my comment wasn't meant to be sexist. It was merely to point out the frivolous nature of the Liberal swag.

Besides, I am sure there are plenty of liberal men that wear those panties too.

Have fun!