Thursday, November 13, 2008

Live from Winnipeg: The Only Liberal Blogger Visiting the Cons This Week

That's right (google translation). For the next few days, this blog will be all about Tory news. I’m apparently the only Liberal blogger perspective that you’ll be able to hear from from the ground (the others who were accredited won't be attending). Have I changed primary colours and gone to the dark side? No I haven’t, but I do plan on trying to be a little less biased for the next few days and try to just take things in rationally, disagree with what I personally disagree with, and even give credit where it is due. For instance, I have the utmost respect and admiration for the Tory war room – outside of their gaffe a day early election performance - it is usually quick, efficient and responds fast with material that’s unfortunately worked. While 99% of the time I do not agree with their tactics or positions, I have to say that the Blue War Room was very focused these last 2 years and their efforts proved to have results a few weeks ago and they’ll be ramping it all up again to have something ready for whoever the next Liberal leader is rest assured (I’ll be posting more on that race next week). The Con bloggers are also well organized, well focused (or trained, just like their caucus and candidates) and can drown a blog or news article with Tory responses in minutes. Oh if only we Libs were that organized and robot-like! (unfortunately we believe in having our own opinions and working with everyone).

Though this will be my first political convention/conference where I can actually simply enjoy the function and not feel any pressure to do anything or from anyone. So I do want to enjoy it, relax and just take this experience it. This comes as a relief as I, on a personal note, am beginning to feel a bit tired and bruised by being so heavily politically involved and dedicated to political things, things that I believe in, and want to help out with and make a difference in. I’m feeling I must do some life re-arrangement and need to rest to re-energize.

Plus I don’t mind the added bonuses of being treated here like legit media at this convention and also not having to pay the $1000 observer fee, it does make me feel a little like a VIP (can’t wait for the media avails and buffet lunches!).

Clearly the Cons believe that my opinions matter to the politicos of the nation and that my readership is high and consists of an informed group of interested individuals (or rather, they think perhaps that my readership is low enough that no one will read my 3-day expose so I was a “safe” Liberal bet).

That said, being here I also feel like a rebellious child who is being allowed to experiment with drugs. I’ve already had a few people notice that I’m in Winnipeg for the Tory Convention and assume that I’m here because I changed parties. After correcting their unbelievable faux-pas (they do know I’m a political blogger right? Canada’s Best New Blogger of 2007? Cannot I not cover another party once in awhile? lol), I feel like their reaction then becomes something like "Oh, well do your parents (LPC) know that you’re here?" *rolls eyes*

Well I’ll do my best to “represent” as the only Liberal blogger anyways.

OK so what do I expect here during the next few days??

1) A Tory Love Fest on two fronts: 1) Harper is the (self made LONE) saviour of the party and the last election 2) He won more seats, took them from the Liberals, did all he could to disgrace Dion and get him to step aside to cause a Liberal leadership race that the Tory War Machine is hoping to use to further destroy the Liberal party. This convention will celebrate these feats, albeit the fact that there is no Tory majority, even against a man that the Tory War Machine attacked relentlessly for two years.

2) I also hope for some pretty swank hospitality suites. Somehow I don’t think they’ll compare to any other party’s hospitality suites though…

3) I have also been told to expect a few protest rallies. I guess Winnipeg is not as friendly Harper territory as they’d hoped. I got off the bus yesterday, and was greeted by a lovely piece of modern art on a utility box. A spray painted graffiti image of Harper and underneath, the word “TOOL” (apparently they’ve been sprayed all over town).

4) The mainstream media to say that “this weekend was a great energizer for the Tory party and its members. They feel they have a stronger mandate to carry out their plans. There’s nothing wrong or hypocritical in the last two years about this party.” In return for being good Harper just MAY hold one or two open (non screened questioners) press conferences in the next year.

5) I REALLY hope that I don’t get a big registration name tag that says “Danielle Takacs: LIBERAL”. Gee, there goes my attempt to infiltrate – I mean – attempt to better understand and appreciate Tory policies.

6) Perhaps I’ll be yelled at or excluded because of my political opinions and party membership….and if so, most likely from the other bloggers. So I then would expect spending the next 3 days in a corner to myself playing ball breaker on my good friend, Blackberry.

Before I sign off and head off for my first event of the day, I also I have to say a few thank yous – Thanks to the Tories for inviting bloggers and giving us access to their convention, especially if we do get the same treatment as regular press. Thanks to Paul Stickney and (Stephen Taylor who I imagine was involved in choosing what bloggers to accept) for extending me that invitation. And thanks to Chez Hurley, your Winnipeg Liberal home away from home (standard rooms include free high-speed internet access).

So tune in throughout the next few days while I live blog and share my feelings and experiences being at the 2008 Conservative Party of Canada National Convention from Winnipeg Manitoba…

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Christian Conservative said...

Hope we get a chance to cross paths, instead of swords for once! I'll be hanging around Rooms 3 & 4 South most of Friday morning, you'll recognize me from the above photo I'm sure. ;-)

Jennifer Smith said...

Are you seriously the only Liberal blogger at the convention? I thought there'd be at least a few more.

Anyway, good on ya!

sharonapple88 said...

Congrats on your invite. Looking forward to the reports.

Saskboy said...

I didn't even apply. Glad I didn't, since I'm suffering from post-electoral blogging-burnout.