Saturday, November 15, 2008

Day 3: Get Ready to Rumble! Tory Smackdown 2008

The media has been released and allowed into view the last day of the Convention, including the last plenary, where the delegates will debate those policies that made it past the closed door debate process yesterday. I appreciate this opportunity, and feel very privileged to be here. To be inside the Tory process after the past few days, it’s as if I’m lucky enough to watch lions mate in the savannah.

They’ve filled the room with tables here, and the delegates have been divided into provinces (seems like the majority come from Ontario). It’s just been announced observers will be at the very back, and there are a few claps for that.

I’ve been here since just after 9 AM. For the first 25 minutes, during that entire time, Gordon O’Connor has stood in the same place, heavily concentrating on reading the policy package. He may be afraid to sit and do so in case his people don’t recognize him sitting.

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jaycurrie said...

LOL...the lions mating

Great reporting - between you and the Dawg, even with the goofy CPC media rules, I am finding out what is actually going on in Winnipeg. This is incredibly worthwhile.

Thank you.