Friday, November 14, 2008

Day 2 evening ceremony live at Con Convention: Toews, Kenney and Paul Brandt!

So they’ve let us into the main hall for tonight’s festivities. They’re running over 30 minutes behind, most likely because the room is practically empty. They’ve added more chairs to the room, which has proven to be a silly move, because there are far less people tonight compared to last night. Good to see the money they spent on Paul Brandt will prove a worthy Conservative investment.

They’ve made the room more user friendly to the media, and more comfortable. At the same time, I’m sure its also for their own purposes, as apparently there were a few media sitting amongst the crowd last night in the unused chairs.

The night begins with the welcomer saying that nothing gets Tories more fired up than politics – so tonight is going to be all about the greatest hits. Get your Vicks out ‘cuz Fletcher is going to introduce the first act – I just don’t get any of that.

Fletcher comes out to introduce Vic Toews and stresses that Toews is “SENIOR” – how drole.

I find all of these intros extremely boring.

Toews slams Liberals for holding 3rd leadership race in 6 years, and compliments his party for holding the Liberals back in two elections and taking away their strong majorities.

Claims the Tories were not to supposed to be a national party, but they’ve now shattered that belief.

Jason Kenney comes out, to the credit of running the Tory war room.

Kenney is proud that the Tories have elected the most of women in history....for their party, he adds (and as his voice diminishes as he adds that). Kenney says note to Liberals: these women didn’t need quotas to be elected, they did it on their own merit.

Harper has done a lot to promote women in politics – he has appointed the most women to a government cabinet – Please Steve, do not stop there I say (not to mention his record FOR women’s issues has been pretty bad and that also not accurate, Paul Martin appointed more)

The Tories are also apparently the real party of young Canadians – need proof? They elected the youngest person to caucus and many other individuals in their 20s. There’s no need for sand box politics in the Conservative Party, because the youth get to play with the big guys (and they don’t in the Liberal Party too? At least they have their own voice at the same time).

They’re happy about tapping into the immigrant population and getting votes from new Canadians.

The Tories anticipate being a serious challenger in the GTA in the next election.

So how’d they do it? How’d they attract new Canadians? Kenney says the secret was taking millions of small ‘c’ conservatives and transforming them into big C Conservatives. This is done by showing how much in common the two have. Align values with votes. And the Tories don’t feel that new Canadian votes are entitled to them, unlike Liberals he says. Unlike the Libs, they actively listen to new Canadian’s concerns, and act upon them. Please do tell Jason just exactly what you’ve done. Jason goes onto to say that quotas (re: 1/3 candidates etc) are not the Canadian way, therefore not the Conservative way, so the Liberals can keep those outdated means.

Tories don’t have to compromise on Conservative values to get new Canadian votes. They can show them that lower taxes etc., can and are new Canadian values….and more more more of the same speech he gave yesterday at the CDN Club which I already covered extensively.

Tories have treated immigrants and new Canadians differently than how the Liberals have treated them Kenney says. The Tories treat them thinking what they can do for them, as equals who can join the regular Canadians, and defend and participate in the values and laws of the land, in addition to enjoying Canadian rights.

Kenney is giving more of the same speech from yesterday….I’m impressed, he (or his staff) have clearly read my post on his speech from yesterday, for when it came to the part when he described witnessing the swearing in process of new Canadians, he replaced the part that one does so by swearing the Oath of Allegiance to the Queen with a list of great aspects of immigrants becoming a part of Canada and Canadian identity. Overall despite taking pointers from me, the man is still just as scary, smug and wrong in his attitudes.

Laureen Harper and her daughter are apparently Brandt’s biggest fans – so they get to do the introduction of him and his band.

Line dancing has begun!

Paul does a shout out to the Tories!! *swoon* I bet he just sold 10 CDs.

About a third of the floor is now doing line dancing!!! I’m tempted to go join my political frenemies…

Paul to the crowd: “some things are just worth fighting for, you know what I mean?” Like Tory policies????

He asked the audience to sing along – they don’t seem to know the lyrics.

In case you’re wondering how/why Brandt was chosen to come here tonight: Brandt says he agreed to go to Ottawa to perform on Canada Day to thank Harper for lowering the GST. And after that, he got the invite to come here for the Tory Convention.

Oh Brandt is a little P.O.’d that someone is talking on their cell during his concert. He asks them to hang up. Then he grabs the phone and called them back – how Tom Cruise!

Don't invite Paul to your wedding – you’ll get Tupperware.

Note: Later (likely tomr morning) I'll have up the interview I did with Marlene Jennings earlier this afternoon. Stay tuned for any new dirt as the night goes on, but failing that be back bright earlier tomorrow for all the excitement!

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