Tuesday, November 4, 2008

US E-Day Live from Grant Park in Chicago Part 1

Excitement for Obama could be seen all over the place the closer you got to Grant Park where he will be speaking tonight.

I was at his campaign HQ this aft and it was literally overflowing with volunteers calling voters across the us to gotv for Obama. There were so many they had to set up a second campaign office across town. And all of the workers were using their own cell phones! We need this kind of operation for Liberals across the country!

So I am in Grant Park now Ill have lots of photos up later. I came to the park area around 3 PM. Now the crowd is completely overflowing. They go wild every time a new result goes on the jumbo screen with obama ahead anywhere even with only 1 percent precincts in

As for the results so far... I like what I see in Indiana and Florida but not Virginia at all so far. I don't trust any exit poll data and I think its too early to call it based on numbers so far

The states called so far are no surprise except I am a bit surprised nh has now been called so quickly. No surprises yet with Senate races either.

Will have more as the night goes on stay tuned...

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sassy said...

You're in Grant Park, what an incredible night you must be enjoying, one that you will probably never forget.