Friday, November 14, 2008

Views of an Ontario Tory Youth Delegate

I interviewed a youth delegate, Laura Moulton, from Carleton – Mississippi Mills, to get her impressions of this convention. This is her first convention and she seems very proud to be here, and seems to know the main issues of the party.

She was very impressed with Harper last night and that he performed really well. “He gave a great speech, he hit all the important things on the party’s platform and reached out to different groups in his speech”. I believe she is making reference to the “firsts” of the Conservative party (first woman MP, first Hindu MP, etc…) and the inroads it made with women and new Canadians in the last election.

However, she freely expressed a little disappointment in Harper’s speech. “He excluded the youth of the party, and everything that they did to help contribute to the election. In Ontario, campus clubs did a lot in key ridings and took on a lot of extra responsibility. I know one youth who was a deputy campaign manger.”

When asked what the important things on the party’s platform were for her, she cited the Conservative positions towards crime, primarily dealing with sex offenders. She also feels he’s the most supportive leader towards our military troops and feels he’s also the best leader to deal with the economy. “I feel confident with him at the helm,” she said.

Over the next two days, she expects there to be a lot of discussion, mainly about the resolutions that will be debated on the floor, and hopes to meet a lot of people. She is looking most to discussing those policies between delegates in informal settings. Moulton says she does not feel that the grassroots is being dictated to by the party because they were given the policies ahead of time and had the opportunity to discuss them prior to the convention with her riding association.

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