Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Live from Chicago Part 6: A Strong Mandate for Change

What a night! Obama and the Democratic Party received a powerful mandate for change! With a popular vote lead of 52%-46% and an over 6 million (almost 7 right now) vote margin and with possibly as much as 375 electoral votes in Obam's column (it looks like the final total will be 364 electoral votes unless a recount in Missouri overturns a slight McCain lead there), this was a completely decisive victory. Obama gave a very powerful victory speech tonight (and yes McCain gave a good gracious concession speech) - America has a real opportunity to re-assert its leadership on the world stage and get its house in order at home - on finding solutions for the current economic crisis improving health care, education and their record on the environment. He will be facing some tough challenges though for sure. I am hopeful Obama will at the least do all he can to fulfill his potential with the mandate he received tonight and that, with control of Congress, he can carry out the bulk of his agenda in a responsible manner. I remain a bit disappointed the Democrats have not won more Senate seats (though 4 still remain officially uncalled, with almost all precincts in Dems are currently down in MN, Oregon, Georgia the Reps may win without the need for a run-off, and convicted felon Ted Stevens is still ahead) and they fell a bit short of expectations for the House despite a decent number of pick-ups. The biggest disappointment though is what looks like a victory for Prop 8 to ban gay marriage in California (52% for Yes with 86% reporting) - it's very sad such a slim majority can decide the rights of a minority and amend the state constitution so easily. So while at the top of the ticket this was an emphatic victory for those looking for change after the last 8 years it was not an across the board win for progressives at the ballot box this year.... No question though tonight was history in the making and I was glad to be in Chicago for it. Goodnight!

OVERDUE UPDATE: Here are at last are some of the photos from the night (their quality is coming up somewhat poor on here though)....

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penlan said...

Thanks for the live-blogging! Looking forward to seeing the pics.

How did it feel to be a Canadian in the midst of an American crowd on this historic night?